Hari Narayana Bhajanai Mandiram
"Transformation Through Spirituality"

About Us

The Hari Narayana Bhajanai Mandiram (HNBM) was established in 2011 under the tutorship and guidance of its current group leader Kreasan Moodley. As an aspirant of music, arts and culture, Kreasan's dream was to create a body and platform for Hindu youth to gain and enhance their spiritual knowledge, musical talent and reallign themselves on the path to God realisation. 
Being experienced both as a musican and a pioneering exponent of the Raam Bhajana artform in Gauteng, the objectives set out were very appealing to the youth. The group boasts of a contingency in excess of 25 youth comitted youth in its membership. The last 5 years have been very blessed for the group and they achieved many accolades for different aspects of comittment within arts and culture activities throughout Gauteng. One of the group's proudest moments and achievements was when they were awarded the Nelson Mandela Cultural Community Upliftment award. This accolade was presented in 2014 by the premier of the Gauteng province Mr. David Makhura.


The HNBM have also affiliated themselves with the Lenasia South based spiritual organisation, the Shree Kali Amman Mandir (SKAM). This body, under the spiritual guidance of Guru Prakash Diar has been in existence since the early 80's and was founded by Prakash's late dad Mr. Jagdish Diar. SKAM shares similar objectives and ideals as the HNBM and together both bodies collaborate in many religious & spiritual observances as well as community upliftment, social responsibility and service based projects. Both Diar and Moodley have been friends since the tender age of 7 and have grown up together as brothers. Please click here to visit the SKAM website.
The HNBM mentors and nurtures its members into leadership roles, thus ensuring the sustenance and continual growth of this initiative for generations to come. 

The Executive committee is as follows:

Manisha Moodley - Youth Leader
Levi Naidoo - Group Secretary
Keshana Moodley - Group Treasurer
Zeena Thawanarian - Group Leader
Kreasan Moodley - Chairman
Hiren Soni - Executive Administrator
Prakash Diar - Executive Administrator

Kalen Reddy - Marketing Administrator


Our membership consists of spiritual aspriants both young and old. Our youngest member is just 10yrs  old and our eldest member is almost 50.

Our members are very diverse but united by their common interest.

Find out who we are in our gallery, and join our team!


Our Mission

Our mission remains ever constant and is underlined by spiritual transformation through love.

We are a proactive group that undertakes all tasks with love and devotion. Our main objective is to bring about understanding of arts and culture in Hinduism as well as fusing religious and spiritual concepts to make these undertakings more fruitful and rewarding