Hari Narayana Bhajanai Mandiram
"Transformation Through Spirituality"




Welcome to Our Online Page


Dear spiritual aspirant, welcome to offcial online page. We try our best to keep it as up to date as we can from time to time.


The HNBM is one of the most active hindu cultural youth groups in Gauteng. Many families and organisations collaborate with the HNBM on a regular basis for various community and cultural upliftment projects. Some of which are, but not limited to  Shree Kali Amman Mandir (SKAM), Tamil Federation Gauteng (TFG), Broader Hindu Community (BHC), Gauteng United Bhajan Association (GUBA) and many more.


The groups membership boast's a predominant vibrant contingent of youth in active and leadership rolls.

Weekly sessions include: Music Share Sessions on Vocals, Tabla, Mridangam, Dholak, Naal, Harmonium, Keyboard, Tiger Drums and many more instruments

We also have spiritual understanding share sessions whereby we take aspects / observances of our culture and have open discussions about these so that we may observe and offer with a total understanding of why we do things.

Bhajan Practic in conjunction with music share sessions and spiritual classes are held on Mondays from e@ Eswarar Kovil, Temple Hall on Shefield Street, Lenasia South from 17h30


Feel free to contact :

Manisha Moodley (Youth Leader) 081 768 4327

Zeena Thawnarian (Group Leader)  081 458 1278

Levi Naidoo (Group Secretary) - 060 735 0240



All bhajan booking requests must be email to bookings@hnbm.co.za

  "Love All, Serve All"